The sculptures were up to thirty feet tall. The projet took our team over a month to paint. Due to the complex patterns and curved surfaces, we had to translate 2D renderings onto 3D shapes mathematically, as stencils and projections were ineffective. After doing so, we taped the patterns out, which took the majority of the time.
I was responsible for the mathematics of the teal and purple ball. we were held to an extremely high standard of consistency, so I spent a fully day studying the rendering and creating a geometrically sound way to achieve the pattern. After sketching the lines using a combination of compasses, stencils, and a laser-aided straight line, I spent another day and a half taping it out. The result was a perfect replication of the rendering.
Most of the remaining shapes were worked on by multiple team members. Here is a hybrid stripe and polka-dot ball throughout its process.
I also came up with the geometrical template to achieve the polka dot placements. The rendering was not accurate to the artist's vision, so I developed a scalable, replicable method for producing a polka dot pattern on the spheres.
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